With so many struggling to cope with Covid 19 and the problems it has created in our lives, I think it’s important to acknowledge the things we do have to be grateful for. By acknowledging the positive we shift our attention to hope and resilience, something desperately needed in these challenging times. We have to keep our heads up, look to a future when we can go back to being social, eating in restaurants, going to the theater and enjoying happy hour with friends. Perhaps instill a few good habits like frequent hand washing and sanitizing door knobs that will reduce episodes of getting sick with the common cold.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as is Christmas. We may not be able to gather together with our family and friends this year but can be grateful we have them to miss.

There is a potentially deadly virus among us, be grateful if you have not been sick or had anyone you know die from it. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to wear a mask, so wear a face shield. Think of doing your part to keep yourself and others safe. Something odd about the virus is that some people have no symptoms and don’t realize they could be spreading it. Be thankful we have options, potential ways to block the virus from spreading.

Be grateful for the dedicated and brilliant scientist who are working to find a cure, a vaccine to stop the virus. They’ve given us simple instructions on social distancing, masking up and the wisdom of staying home as much as possible to avoid contracting the virus.

I hear a lot of anger about there being restrictions as the virus continues to spread. I think it’s unfortunate but necessary that we have to make some changes and adapt. This recent rise in cases comes just two weeks after Halloween. How many parties did people attend where the virus had an opportunity to spread? Far too many. And with the holidays around the corner it will likely spike again in the New Year.

Be thankful for the medial teams who put themselves at risk to help those suffering from the virus. The long hours, the seemingly unending stream of new patients and their persistent efforts to save lives.

Be thankful that we can do something to stop the spread of the virus and give thanks to those who are doing it. With effort we can get on top of this and go back to our lives without mask and concerns about serious illness and potential death.