“I would like to recommend the therapy provided by Colleen Holbrook, LICSW, CMHS. Colleen worked for an extended time with our granddaughter who had been through a very challenging time. She was withdrawn, unsure of herself. We didn’t know how to help her even though we loved her very much. Colleen was kind, patient and professional while she worked with this child. Her expertise as she led our granddaughter into a more self-confident place in the world was remarkable. There were issues that required us all to stand up and look reality in the face and deal with it. Colleen did not minimize the issues, but helped us face them with maturity and come to terms with positive reactions that helped put things into perspective. This allowed us to grow, deal with the situation and proceed so we can embrace life with excitement and joy. Now we have a smiling, happy, well integrated granddaughter that is doing well in school, developing her talents and increasing her social ability. We thank Colleen for her guidance and advice throughout a difficult time. Things have turned out much better than we ever expected. “

Lee Kaufman-Larson, PhD

“We came to see Colleen about half a dozen times. She works quickly and comes to the point. She was able to help me clarify my role as a parent and set limits with my son.”

Robert, father of a teenager

“My eating disorder was controlling my life. Colleen helped me in so many ways. I have much better coping strategies now for when I’m emotionally fragile.”


“I found Colleen to be very insightful. She pinpointed the main struggle in my family when she asked why our daughter held so much power. Before that, I don’t think that either my husband or myself considered the word power in relation to how our family was operating”

Jeff and Paula, parents of an 8 year-old.

“I found working with Colleen to be really helpful.  She is creative, friendly, warm and open.”


“We were referred to Colleen by my attorney in order to help us in developing a parenting plan. The divorce has not been easy, but both my husband and myself appreciated the help Colleen gave us in negotiating a parenting plan that took into consideration the needs of our kids and not just for ourselves. Thank you, Colleen!”


“Colleen was hired as our “Reunification” counselor to help me re-establish my relationship with my 10 year-old daughter. I hadn’t seen her in four years. To be honest I didn’t want to deal with her mother. Colleen was able to help us come together as parents for the good of our daughter even if her mom and I don’t always see eye to eye. I now have regular parenting time with my little girl and can be the father I was meant to be.”


“I was referred to Colleen by the EAP from work. I’ve never been to a counselor before and didn’t look forward to it. After 6 months I feel so much better about life and work. All I can say is that it was defiantly worth it.”


“Going through our divorce was the most difficult time of my life. I have 5 year-old twin boys who were being negatively affected. Colleen helped us in so many ways. She is great with kids and helped us put our kids first and the divorce second.”


“Learning that my husband had an affair was devastating! My husband and I began to see Colleen in order to see if we could save our marriage. She normalized my feelings that made me feel crazy. Although I wanted to save my marriage there were days when I am so angry I wanted to leave. Colleen showed us how we had inadvertently opened the windows of our marriage that allowed this other person in. We have since learned to look at our boundaries, gotten our 5 year-old out of our bed and begun to spend quality couple time together again. An affair doesn’t have to be the end of a marriage, and even good marriages can experience an affair.”


“Going through a divorce or separation is a daunting task, add the complexities of child custody and you will easily feel overwhelmed, uneasy and scared. Colleen helped outline the entire process, and aligned it to our child’s present and future needs. The non-binding, 3rd party advocacy provided by Colleen is crucial to developing a successful parenting plan, and has ensured the best possible outcome for our child.”


“I am a family law attorney in Seattle, Washington. As part of my family law practice, some of my cases are litigated cases, some are cooperative, and a few are collaborative law cases” Read More…

Lisa S. Reed PLLC

“A note to say thank you for everything! Colleen, you have been fantastic! You have helped me so much. I can’t express in enough words my gratitude. Thank you again for your kindness, compassion and support. Best regards.”