So many of the women I speak to feel irritable and tired, but will often say they don’t know why they are so grumpy. As we talk about their lives it is clear they have taken on too much. When a person is highly functioning, organized or energetic other see this as a “can-do” person. That’s great to a point.

Taking stock of responsibilities is important. I’ll often suggest that a client take time out alone to draw a picture. Use whatever is handy, but the point it to place yourself in the center of a circle with lines drawn outward. At the end of each line is a role or responsibility.

Then I’d suggest taking a new color and circling everything that could be delegated to someone else or a place where a boundary needs to be put into place. Being able to say No and being able to identify boundaries are essential for our mental health.

It’s not easy, or we’d be doing it all along. It can be challenging and scary to set limits with people in our lives. I hope to be of assistance in helping you on that journey.